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    AAC = Quality

    AAC is a brand leader of engine-related functional parts and die cast parts that are essential to vehicle’s function and reliability.

    The Aisin group has been globally expanding its top-level automotive parts business. Our unique system of individualizing each business allows each group company to have its own research/development/production system. In addition, collaboration among group companies enables us to enhance technology resulting in higher quality products.

    As one of the Aisin group companies, Aisin Automotive Casting, LLC (AAC) plays a part of manufacturing engine-related functional parts and die cast parts in North America. AAC’s fundamental business policy is “Quality First”. By thoroughly implementing our quality control system, we make consistent efforts to manufacture automotive parts that will truly satisfy our customers.

    AAC continues to develop its business activities along with the fundamental business policy of “Quality First” in order to create parts that everyone can rely on.

    Corporate Principle: Respect and Appreciate

    AAC is pursuing to harmonize with community and people.

    As a corporate principle, AAC encourages the company as a whole and each individual to have mutual respect and appreciation. This principle applies to the company and also in our society and community. In accordance with this principle, we are actively engaged in a variety of corporate activities such as regularly-scheduled company picnics, cookouts and volunteering activities such as community cleanup.

    AAC Annual Open House Car & Bike Show
    Summer Company Picnic
    Managers Cookout
    Community Cleanup

    Environment: For the surrounding community and our earth

    AAC will always strive to grow with the needs of our environment.

    AAC is always trying to advance our technology, which includes items like our waste water treatment plant facility and our melt furnaces which allows us to always attempt control of environmental waste and control any negative impact to our surrounding environment. AAC works hard to stay on target with all goals we set, which includes reducing, reusing, and recycling to achieve zero landfill targets and also looking at ways to reduce our energy usage through water and natural gas conservation. Our company, team members, and the surrounding community are very important to AAC and we will strive to grow together with the environment.

    Waste Water Treatment Plant
    Waste Water Inspection

    Product: Quality First for a Vehicle to Provide a Sense of Security

    Aisin Automotive Casting, LLC, has an overall production system that includes the turn key process from die-cast to assembly of components, a process required to meet the increasing number of vehicles and engines produced by automobile manufacturers in the United States. AAC provides a variety of die-cast services to meet the increasing demands of die maintenance as well as varieties of oil pumps, engine parts, transmission parts, water pumps, and brake components for Toyota Motor Manufacturing, General Motors, Honda Motor Company and Nissan.